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Convert your knowledge into proven, state-of-the-art .NET, web based solutions

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  • Increase revenues and profitability
  • Cut-down selling cycles
  • Speed up customized solutions implementation
  • Dramatically improve customer satisfaction
  • Accelerate solutions time-to-market

The VisionIT implementation Infrastructure

Your Value
VisionIT enables healthcare IS integrators, consultants and IS vendors to focus on their solutions – instead of wrestling with the software and system processes.

VisionIT is a unique web-based rapid implementation infrastructure, enabling a programming-free creation and management of complex clinically based solutions.

VisionIT proprietary core technology enables programming-free rendering of dynamic XML based user-interface elements with object-oriented dynamic entities over a standard MS-SQL server at Microsoft’s .net environment.

VisionIT infrastructure represents years of knowledge, experience and solutions provided to clinicians and the healthcare industry.

VisionIT is an OEM product, fully applicable for your corporate branding

On-the-fly Applications Generators - Uniquely designed for healthcare!

Web-Based system infrastructure engine - Managing users, permissions, specialties, locations, procedures, groups, departments, configurations and much more

Data Entry screens engine- Data capture fields and screens are created and database linked in any hierarchical level of data items and pages

Data Presentation / Documentation engine - Generates and manages any number of customized presentation screens and documents

Rule based engine - Enable the generation of complex rules, alerts and actions

Reporting engine - Comprehensive reporting of any clinical scenario and linkage to dynamic presentation entities and customized distribution ]

Imaging and Multimedia - Capture and integration engine for fast connectivity, database integration and management of external imaging sources; Video, DICOM, Monitoring, Audio and more

PDF server – An organizational central server automatically converts, manages and distributes PDF files

Connectivity engine - XML based, converts data and manages connectivity with any external and legacy data source, using sophisticated technologies and fully supports HL7

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VisionIT drives proven solutions such as:
  • EMR / EHR systems
  • CPOE systems
  • Telemedicine
  • Document & Image capture
  • Clinical Workflow management
  • Ob/Gyn Ultrasound EMR and PACS
  • Intraoperative Management
  • Rules-Based applications
  • Clinical reporting
  • Patient/Provider Portals
  • Electronic Data Capture

Be Fast!
Show a real working solution while the competition still writes the quotation…
Turn your consulting knowledge into a solution in days!

Increase Profitability
Save outstanding amounts by eliminating costly programming

Be Flexible
Provide multiple specialties, locations and solutions over a single platform

Provide stable and scalable solution
Enjoy a robust platform and distribute ongoing updates
Eliminate multiple software versions management

Improve Customer Satisfaction
Improves clinicians adoption andֺ satisfaction

Management support
Support the management with better control, reporting and faster ROI

Business Development
Facilitate stronger position for enlarging your installed base

Provide, faster and better customer support at lower costs